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Hi, nostalgic foodies!

My name is Suzy. I am born in Germany´s capital, Berlin, and a maniac about food.

As a child I was already enthusiastic about my grandmother’s dishes. Later I discovered my own enthusiasm for cooking and, after excursions to Asian, Mediterranean and fusion cuisine, I returned to the traditional cuisine of my home, Germany.

I love the hearty and diverse recipes which are too often reduced on Eisbein and Sauerkraut only. The German kitchen holds so much more!

Meet my three all-time favorite dishes:

  1. Hearty beef stew
  2. Spaghetti Carbonara (not very German, I know, but can´t help it!)
  3. Thick potatoe soup
homemade apple pie

German recipes and more…

Here at EasyGermanFood, I collect recipes and ideas and pass on kitchen secrets from the past to you, your children or grandchildren. Because local and honest dishes from different regions are a very special treat!

I hope, you like my traditional German recipes.

Please contact me regarding any question or remark. I am looking forward to geting in touch with you.