How long do you cook brats on the grill?


How long do you cook brats on the grill? To make it short: it really depends on how crispy you want brats to be. But there are some general rules of thumb that should help you decide.

For best results, the bratwurst should be cooked slowly over medium or low heat (300-350 ° F). It takes about 15 minutes grilling time to reach the desired internal temperature of 160 ° F inside the brats. Small brats take about 10 minutes.
Remember to turn over regularly to caramelize both sides. 

Normally sausages do not need to be cooked before grilling. No matter if you buy raw or boiled sausages. You can place them on the grill right away.

Don’t: Trying to speed up the process with high temperatures is a mortal sin in the world of sausages. If you turn up too much, the heat will burn the outside and juice may leak out. 

Extra thick sausages: Depending on the bratwurst, you may need to poke wholes into the sauage, especially into thick sausges, that contain a lot of water. That prevents the skin ripping from the heat.

For best results, don’t buy packaged, industrially made brats if possible. Support a local butcher and buy a fresh bratwurst. You will see, and taste, the difference. 

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